Designed based on Permaculture Ethics and Principles, Seeds to Table is to provide an educational platform as one of the solutions to waste problems, unsustainable food production and unhealthy diet . Seeds to Table is aimed to bring awareness of the impacts of food one eats to their own health and well-being, environment as well as the society around them. 

Through this program, one can learn how to grow food, connect more with nature, cook their harvest and eat as a community. This is one way in reducing waste that comes from consuming unhealthy food which contributes to environmental damages due to unsustainable food production. Seeds to table is food education where one learns real life skills in order to thrive in harmony with nature and society; where they learn to grow LOVE, love for themselves and love for mother earth. 

The Seeds to Table Program consists of four elements: 

  • Waste management
  • Growing edible garden
  • Food knowledge and cooking
  • Composting